Managing SEO Expectations I have been involved in major engineering projects on […]

The medical field has become very innovative in solving most needs of […]

Perhaps I am wrong but all I’ve seen so far in SEO […]

SEO Business Communication

Managing SEO Expectations

I have been involved in major engineering projects on a number of occasions.  Regardless of the project and customer, expectation management is key!

There are expectations on both sides; customer and vendor.  The vendor needs to understand his/her customers’ needs and wants; expectations.  The vendor must probe by asking open-ended questions that help customers articulate exactly what they think they want/need.  Customers are typically vague because they do not completely understand the technology and the minutia.  They seek the expert counsel of a vendor.  Said vendor must work with the customer to produce and deliver something that is valuable to the customer and helps him/her achieve or surpass his/her original goal.  There are a number of ways to achieve this that I will not go into here but suffice it to say that communication is the cornerstone.

The SEO industry is no different than any other in the managing expectations respect.  Take steps to properly communicate with your client from the start.  Use your webpages, contact forms, proposals, progress reports, email, phone, video or face-to-face.  It may not always be pleasant but focus on the goal and producing/providing a quality product/service.  Custom-Fit SEO call themselves THE Ottawa SEO  and they make use of webpage and contact form content to manage expectations.

Ottawa SEO Communication

‘So what you’re saying is that we’ve been defunct and out of business for over two years and you’ve just been waiting for the right time to tell me?’

Yes, managing expectations keeps everyone on the same page and in the loop.  That supports a good working relationship and smooth progress; other external factors notwithstanding.  So service/product providers, understand your customers situation, the mission (what is to be done), how the mission will be achieved and when, and the points of contact and project control and then communicate every step of the way with your customers and you’d be surprised at the results.  Work as partners whose success is mutually beneficial and tailor your services.  As such, when things go right communicate.  When things go wrong, communicate the issue and your intentions.  You will eliminate some of the headaches.

For your consideration…

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What’s a Tummy Tuck?

The medical field has become very innovative in solving most needs of a man. In pursuit of the appropriate body size and physique professional surgeons are available to perform the cosmetic realignment for a fee.  The procedure known as abdominoplasty involves surgical removal of fat in the abdomen and tucking the loose skin. It may be done partially or completely.  It is appropriate for people who have shed a lot of weight thus having loose and sagging skin.  This includes previously obese or overweight individuals.  Women who have had many pregnancies may also have their tummies tucked.

Advantages of having a Tummy Tuck

1. the procedure is a fast way of loosing weight without the need of hard physical exercise or dieting enables one to have supple and firm skin in the abdominal area

3.It makes the abdomen appear thinner and firm. This gives an outer appealing look that is very attractive.

4.It enables you to put on proper fitting clothes or attires simply.

Disadvantages of Tummy Tuck

1.abdominoplasties in Toronto is major surgery performed in a hospital. It is considered cosmetic surgery and thus it is not covered by most insurance policies. This means that you have to chip into your pocket to fund the procedure. is a costly affair that require major investments. Most peole cannot afford the procedure; however beneficial it may be.

3.pregnant women or those willing to be pregnant in the future may not have the surgery.

4.complications may arise when at the surgeons table or later during healing process.  Although it is considered a very safe procedure complications such as blot clots or even thrombosis may be experienced.

5.the full recovery period may take upto six months. This period is usually long and may be stressfull at time. It is important however that you follow to the doctors instructions to the letter.

abdominoplasty wish

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Raw SEO Basics First

Perhaps I am wrong but all I’ve seen so far in SEO is talk about the technical aspects of applying search engine optimization to websites.  Few seem to talk about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which needs to be addressed by someone if your optimization efforts are going to be worthwhile.  And, fewer still talk about basic problem solving and truly doing that with the client in mind.

Just One Man’s Opinion on the Basics

Perhaps everyone does this but just do not openly talk about or promote it.  If a client is experiencing low rankings in Google (let’s ignore conversion for now), then there is a ranking problem somewhere; beit on-page or off-page.

Where do you start?  At the basic level of problem definition that’s where.  Understand the problem.  Keep in mind that to understand the problem you need to understand what the client was trying to achieve in the first place, the environment within which he/she is working and modify assumptions as need be.  At the end you’ll define the true problem to solve.  Then look under the hood to find the true contributors to the problem.

It seems that consultants tend to just simply look at the different technical areas in which search engine optimization is typically applied and then just simply correct those and then wait to see what happens.  This seems like a hit-and-miss method in my mind.  Yeah, I suppose you can say that if you correct all the typical areas then all should be working well.  Perhaps I’m just a stickler for knowing exactly what I’m trying to solve; especially since there are many moving parts to SEM.  This company practices SEO in Ottawa differently.

Let’s Talk Customer

I consider this a basic part of any consultant’s provision of service.  Most just focus on the client and lose sight of the end-user – the client’s customer!  At the end of the day, if you set things up to satisfy the end-user, everything else will fall into place for the client.  Your client wants to satisfy his customer.  Your client’s and your mission should be to service both your client and the ultimate end-user.  Checkout this Ottawa SEO company video.  This guy seems deliberate and seems to align with my thinking.  That’s probably why I like him.

Update:  Custom-Fit SEO seems to be putting their money where their mouth is…Onto page 1 with

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